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Your application and summaries must be completed online and successfully submitted no later than: March 15, 2018. Applications will be accepted online beginning in Winter 2017-2018.

Questions can be emailed to admin@cip-icu.ca.

CIP President’s Scholarship ($6,000)

For the most outstanding research submission as determined by the jury’s highest score on fulfilling the criteria. 

The Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship ($5,000)

For the overall best submission from a graduate student. Dillon Consulting Limited is funding an annual scholarship program targeted to professional or industry associations with an ongoing scholarship program to support graduate students. At present, Dillon has selected a number of organizations to each receive funding for $5,000 annual scholarships. The Canadian Institute of Planners is one of these organizations. The selected organizations represent significant business areas for Dillon as well as key professional groups for staff. Dillon also gives priority to organizations with national and/or international scope and to reputable, longstanding organizations. The scholarship program is consistent with Dillon’s commitment to continuing education and professional development.

The Wayne Smith Scholarship ($4,500)

Targeted to student leaders interested and/or currently researching sustainable community planning. The study should demonstrate neighbourhood design and land-use planning approaches that reduce resource and economic costs and environmental impacts while maintaining community liveability.

CIP Past President - Thomas Adams Scholarship ($3,000)

For the next top research submission after the CIP President’s Scholarship, as determined by the jury’s score. Thomas Adams came to Canada in 1914 as a town planning advisor to the Commission of Conservation. He served as the first President of the Town Planning Institute of Canada and was largely responsible for establishing the profession in Canada.

The College of Fellows Travel Scholarship ($4,000)

The College of Fellows in association with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), is pleased to offer a scholarship, to a student enrolled in their final year of an undergraduate planning program recognized by CIP, which will further their study and experience in the field of planning. The scholarship will provide an opportunity for the student to travel, observe, and study, innovative, leading-edge planning projects first hand, thus contributing to their education, anticipation and excitement for the profession they are about to enter. To apply for this scholarship, please see https://canadianinstituteofplanners.submittable.com/submit/104784/fellows-travel-scholarship-2017-20...

The David Palubeski Bursary ($3,000)

In recognition of David’s contribution to Canadian planning, The David Palubeski Bursary was created by his family, colleagues, and friends. The bursary celebrates David’s contribution to Canadian planning practice and CIP. It will support Canadian planning students who are CIP members and registered in an accredited Canadian planning program. The award will be offered annually, alternating each year to support a student entering the fourth year of an undergraduate program and a graduate student entering the second year of the program. The first award will be offered to an undergraduate student.  To apply for the bursary, please see https://canadianinstituteofplanners.submittable.com/submit/105442/david-palubeski-bursary


To qualify for any of these awards, the applicant must be:

  • A student member of CIP in good standing for the 2017-2018 academic year. Full MCIP and provisional members who have returned to school are not eligible for the scholarships.
  • A student enrolled full-time in a planning program during the term of the award of the scholarship.
  • Students in all levels of university study (Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD) have an opportunity to win, as the jurors consider the student’s level in their adjudication.
  • The project should either be proposed or in progress at the time of application with targeted completion within the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Scholarships will not be awarded for projects already completed.


The submission will be judged on the basis of its potential contribution to the planning profession (in theory or practice), or its potential service to a community or community group. In their deliberations, the jury will consider the following documents:

  • A 500-word biography from the applicant outlining their studies, as well as their personal interests.
  • A current resume demonstrating the applicant’s past and present commitments to their community.
  • A completed application form.
  • A one-page description of the project submitted for consideration.


The jury will consider the level of the applicant’s program in their assessment of the submissions; therefore, both undergraduate and graduate student members are encouraged to apply. The jury will verify that the eligibility criteria have been met. Their decision is final. The scholarships will be awarded in Spring 2018 and the winners will be presented with certificates at the CIP/MPPI 2018 National Conference in Winnipeg.

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